Organon pharmaceuticals started with the production of insulin for the treatment of diabetes, from there it became a world-known pharmaceutical investment company. Over the following decade Organon began to manufacture oestrogens, which would lead them to create a number of popular hormonal contraceptives for women.

Organon history

Organon, a growing business founded by Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg from Oss, Netherlands, originated from the simple thought in 1923 Insulin was created to help people with increasing sugar levels (diabetes). Years later the next thing that contributed to their success was the manufacturing of estrogens to shoulder hormonal imbalances in women.

Cortisone, a kind of steroid used to boost immune system was developed in 1953. In November 2007, it was acquired by Schering-Plough Corporation, another pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, USA. A few years later in 2009 Organon merged with the German pharmaceutical brand Merck & Co which is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world by market share.

Organon operations

Organon always meets high standards when it comes to production and cost. Investing so much keeping the company running, they pride themselves on producing and developing prescription medicines that help improve lives. Over the years they launch new medicines that answer to the needs of individuals and at the same time remain affordable.

Because it has different research and medical technologists around the world, it shortens the time for innovation to immediately produce a wider range of medicines for immediate usage. It even expanded its factory and found a Newhouse research site in Scotland. During its tie-up with Akzo Nobel (a known company for specialty chemicals, decorative paints, and performance coatings), its headquarters was transferred to New Jersey, USA. The state-of-the-art technologies that became the reason for good advancement put a strong hold in their fast and vast production.

Organon deals in the therapeutic fields of contraception, HRT, psychiatry, anesthesia and even reproductive medicines. In some parts of the world as USA, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, China and Ireland, it is operating its manufacturing facilities.

Organon vision

Like all other corporate responsibilities, Organon is after the healthcare of mankind by all means. It is somehow partaking also in environmental sustainability where it has taken actions to preserve it. Proving to be a globally competitive business, it ensures proper and honest business ties for its expansion and to increase its positivity.

It discovered a smart and logical way of expanding a successful healthy community. It has the market of producing more medicines and vaccines that give an end to illnesses and diseases.



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