Pfizer is considered as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer is a productive therapeutic and medical business investor, now expanding more of its resources to provide solutions to different diseases and illnesses. Pfizer has reached almost all parts of the world and it is operating in various countries. It certainly has dominated and indeed made a mark the world over.

Pfizer history

It was founded by the German cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart sometime in 1849. Pfizer Company was started with $2,500 borrowed from Charles Pfizer’s father. They started in a building of red bricks in Brooklyn, New York and was about a four-in-one multi-purpose establishment: an office, a warehouse, a laboratory and factory. The company slowly discovered different kinds of medications from various compounds.

Pfizer operations

In the Pfizer Laboratory, medical experts do not just settle for mediocrity, or else, products made would no longer be on demand. It employs thousands of medical technologists and researchers to produce trusted medicines. Medicines undergo a state-of-the-art process where considerations about benefits, effectiveness, risks and side effects are taken into account.

Basically, this company has two research organisations. They have a Pharma Therapeutics Research group as well as a Bio Therapeutics Research group. The former is responsible for developing tiny molecules, and the latter deals with large molecules. Their operating structure is comprised of 8 health care departments which include; Oncology, Primary Care, Established Products and specialty care just to mention a few.

Pfizer vision

In making the medicines, Pfizer ensures that it contributes to health wellness. But, its corporate responsibility is to provide stakeholders with the optimum quality of their products as well as affordable drugs. Aside from that, they are committed to be environmentally-friendly in the laboratories they work in. Their vision is to provide treatments that will save lives. They are committed to bringing together the best minds in the scientific world to develop the most advanced and effective drugs.

Key roles and facts

Pfizer’s key role is to provide medications which treat numerous health conditions. It is also their responsibility to ensure that consumers and healthcare providers are aware of these medicines and the various conditions they treat. The medicines they produce help millions of people all over the world and they are committed to continuously develop innovative medicines. They also advocate for public health awareness as they believe that patients benefit a great deal from knowing the conditions they will be dealing with.



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